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Connecting Medical Professionals Across The World

“A Healthier Nigeria in a Healthier World”

How We Got Started

THE ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIAN PHYSICIANS IN THE AMERICAS (ANPA), was incorporated in 1995 for educational, scientific and charitable purposes as a tax-exempt non-profit organization under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

ANPA represents the professional interests of 4,000 plus physicians, dentists and allied health professionals of Nigerian birth, ethnicity or empathy in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean providing a platform for medical and scientific dialogue, on issues of health within North America, the Caribbean, and Africa, pertinent to persons of descent from the Nigerian Diaspora.

Our Mission

  • To identify and stimulate interest in all matters affecting the health of Nigerians and provide the forum for debating evolving health issues in search for solutions.

  • To encourage the development of practical solutions to Nigerian health care problems through strategic initiative and field activities inside Nigeria.

  • To seek collaborative research opportunities in the international medical community and contribute to improved health care in Nigeria, the Americas and worldwide.

  • To foster personal and professional growth of its members through continuing education opportunities.

Great Social Environment

Networking with other medical professionals from around the world. We believe providing facetime experience can go a long way!

Nationwide Conferences

Providing direct access to decision makers in the medical industry. Monthly and yearly conference gatherings nationwide.

Membership Plans

Very affordable membership plans. Whether you want to be part of a local chapter or be infused in the national group, we have options for you.



In this brief historical account of ANPA, the first tribute that must be paid goes to Dr. Iheanacho Emeruwa, a busy internist and a board certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist who may be accurately referred to as “the founder of ANPA”. He, more than anyone else spear-headed the research and the labor-intensive tasks that made the birth of ANPA possible. His son’s bedroom was ANPA’s first business office; his wife, Meg, was the first manager of ANPA’s secretariat, and he himself was ANPA’s first Executive Director. Working very closely with Dr. Emeruwa, during the gestational period of ANPA, were Drs. Olusegun Salako, Dapo Popoola, Julius Kpaduwa, and Yinka Soroye. Dr. Soyore was in fact the author of the first directory of Nigerian physicians in the US and Canada.

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ANPA Bylaws

How many chapters exist?2020-05-27T20:48:04+00:00

ANPA has seventeen chapters across the United States

How can a group start a new chapter of the ANPA?2020-05-27T20:47:32+00:00
  • An ANPA chapter may represent members from different adjoining or contiguous states/provinces.A minimum of ten members is required to form a chapter of ANPA. Approval of the Board of Directors certifies a chapter as a bona fide branch of the Association.
  •  Click here to learn about creating a new chapter.
What activities does ANPA perform?2020-05-27T20:46:33+00:00
  • Medical Missions
  • Technical Assistance in Nigeria
  • Advocacy
What are examples of ANPA’s initiatives?2020-05-27T20:47:00+00:00
  • ANPA raised nearly $40,000 and donated nearly $100,000 worth of personal protection equipment to help fight the EVD outbreak
  • ANPA has undertaken over 40 medical missions to Nigeria and provided direct clinical care for more than 150,000 Nigerians in almost two decades.
  • ANPA members and partners certified 36 Instructors in BLS/ACLS during a 7-day course, a first for our organization. Additionally ANPA instructors trained 125 people at the Ministry of Women’s affairs in Ondo State in Basic Life Support techniques, and went to the University of Ibadan and conducted BLS and ACLS provider courses for 44 faculty members and an ACLS instructor refresher course for 25 previously trained instructors in the institution
  • Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, our organization collected and donated over $36,000 to the people of Haiti through the Project Hope Foundation.
  • We have continued to support the ‘Distinguished Nigerian Physicians of Tomorrow, DNPT’, our student-led organization comprised of medical students of Nigerian origin.
  • In 2010 we signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Federal Ministry of Health and the National Primary Healthcare Development Agency, NPHCDA to provide content for training primary health workers in rural communities in Nigeria.
  • Partly based on our advocacy, the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, voted to abolish the policy of back payment for physicians and dentists who reside outside Nigeria.
How can I get involved in ANPA activities?2020-05-27T20:45:41+00:00
  • Membership enrollment is available here.
  • You can also join through the closest Chapter; click here for more information.

Without rules your rights are not guaranteed and when your rights are not guaranteed, your membership is essentially a hoax.
~ Alphonsus Obayunwana, MD.

ANPA Bylaws



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