Kids can have lots of fun playing with their toys but it is very important to keep in mind that safety for buying toys for your kids has to always come first. According to the latest report from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, an estimated 240,000 toy-related injuries were treated in Emergency Rooms across the country in 2016

Safety for buying toys for your kids


Here are some safety tips for buying toys for your kids this season 

  1. Do your research, take time to check and confirm which toys are considered safe and not safe, and purchase accordingly 
  2. Always read through the label because labels are where you get important information about a toy; how to use it, what age grades it’s right and safe for, safety measures to take while using it, etc. Always read the labels to ensure the toy is right for your kids.
  3. Please ensure that all toys and their parts are larger than your kid’s mouth to prevent choking at any point.
  4. Toys that are too loud can cause damage to your kid’s hearing. You may want to avoid them.
  5. As an adult, you need to learn how to properly use the toy, so that it’s easier to educate the kids on how to use it.
  6. Buy quality toys, even though they might be more expensive, but a good quality toy is less likely to break and cause injury. Remember, the safety of your kid comes first. 
  7. Do not purchase toys if the label does not say “nontoxic.” Toys with toxic materials can cause poisoning.
  8. Be present when your kids are opening their gifts, inspect the toys to ensure it is safe before allowing your kids to play with them.
  9. If your kids have received edible gifts, please check and beware of ingredients that may trigger allergies.
  10. Ask friends and family to place their presents in a safe place where kids will not get hurt trying to grab them.

It’s the season of gifts and toys, always keep in my that there are safety measures for buying toys for your kids.